Transcendent Class

Max Level: 99/70 MidRate 100x/100x/50x Pre-Renewal Mechanics Episode 13.2

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  • Episode 13.3 El Dicastes - Pre-Renewal
  • Rates: 50x/50x/5-10x
  • Cards: 5x
  • MvP/Mini-Bosses Item/Equipment Drop Rate: 1x
  • MvP/Mini-Bosses Card Drop Rate: 1x * (See custom drop)
  • MVP/Mini-Bosses Card Disabled Effect
  • Quest Rates: 20x
  • Pet/Homunculus Intimacy: 10x
  • Battlegrounds 2.0, rental BG/WoE Equipments
  • Max Level: 99/70
  • Max Stats: 99
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Instant Cast: 150 Dex
  • Minimum skill delay: 200ms
  • Potion delay: 150ms
  • Homunculus autoloot is disabled


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  • Check integrity memory of code section(game EXE) 
  • Check integrity of game exe
  • Check integrity of dll in the client folder
  • Encryption of network packets with dynamic key
  • Protection against dll injection
  • Protection against WPE/RPE/OpenKore
  • Opportunity to get unique ID of player(based not on MAC)
  • Opportunity to block player by unique ID
  • Prevent run on virtual machines
  • Search launched cheat software(OllyDbg, Cheat Engine, PotND, meth4u, xRag, xLike and other)


Warper : Free to all locations, except locations with MvP

Healer/Buffer : Free, Heal + Buff.

Normal : Recovers Hp/Sp, gives Blessing/Agi Up (4 min), rebuff delay 20 sec.

Job Master : Change your job class, get special skills, rent cart/peco/falcon for free.

Reset NPC :  Cheapest prices for reset. 

Quest shop : For Headgears

Private Dead Branch Room: Lets you rent a room for 50,000.00 Zen for 1 hour.

Like & Share system. (On going) :Get free items every day using Like & Share in Facebook

MvP tombstone system : Disabled

Events : Regular Auto-Events (every hour) + Manual Events by GMs

Stylist : 699 color clothes, 127 hair colors, 83 hair styles for free

Custom trading location : Very comfortable and fast warp to merchant

Tool Dealer : Sell your items. Buy Consumables, Miscellaneous, Arrows

PK on MVP Maps: Disabled once MVP not on MAP 

Hourly Points: gives you hourly point every our can be traded for consumables. (No idle)

Daily Login: Gives you token to trade for items

Vote NPC: By voting the server you will be given vote coin that can be traded for rental costumes.


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Server Facebook Group: LibRO Group

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