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  1. Good day! Change logs: Added: 🌟SOLO PACK TO HELP YOUR PVP!!🌟 1x Valkyrian Armor 1x Valkyrian Manteau 1x Valkyrian Shoes 1x Valkyrian Shield 1x Lro Zerom Card 1x Lro Noxious Card 1x Lro Raydric Card 1x Lro Thara Frog Card 1x Lro Horn Card 1x Lro Evil Druid Card 1x Lro Stalactic Golem Card 🌟Battle Ground🌟 No NPC yet for the badges TCG Npc: Brilliant Golden Scroll Rudra Scroll Vote NPC Great Devil Wing Scroll Little Devil Scroll Quest NPC 10x Costume Quest Wings/Items Fixed: Slim Potion Skill effect Reduced: Guild Capacity to 11. More to check in Server! Thank you!
  2. Random Costumes: Donations are purely voluntary and extremely appreciated. By donating, you are agreeing that it is non-refundable and that you are authorizing the donation. Thank you for your support and keeping LibeRO free-to-play! - Attempt for dispute shall lead your account to permanent blockage.
  3. Goals: - This is to advertise the server through in game player interactions. - This is to help see the look of our server. Overlay: Theme 1 STREAMER STARTER PACK - As a starting pack for our streamers, we will be giving them a limited edition costume regardless on their page followers. 1 x C. Nekomimi Cyber Headphone 1 x C. Flying Drone 1 x C. Cyan Vicious Mind Aura STREAMER SUPPLIES - This is to compensate the time that they've been putting in the server. This can also help them when they want to party with other players to hunt/level in dungeons and fields. Streamer Box I - This box is equivalent to 1 stream hour. 2x Streamer Siege Box 2x Blessing and Agi Box 1x Streamer Buibblegum 1x Field Manual 1x Battle Manual 5x Streamer Megaphone Streamer Box II - This box is equivalent to 2 stream hours. 5x Streamer Siege Box 5x Blessing and Agi Box 3x Streamer Buibblegum 3x Field Manual 3x Battle Manual 10x Streamer Megaphone STREAMER GIVEAWAYS - This is a small way of thanking our streamers who's really into LibeRO Viewer Box - This will be given every 30 minutes of the stream. 2x Streamer Siege Box 1x Blessing and Agi Box 1x Streamer Buibblegum 1x Field Manual 1x Battle Manual Addons: - This will be given every 1 hour of the stream. 3x Streamer Token 1x Gift Box THANK YOU!
  4. Good day! Change Logs: Added Potion converter NPC of White and Blue Added Stalker Plagiarism NPC Added Proxy connection Singapore and USA tunnel Quest NPC: added Pheonix Crown Bullock Dragon Skull Winter Hat Kettle Hat Neko Mimi Krafra Band Sunflower Hairpin Chick Hat Flower Crown Flower Lily Pinwheel Hat Summer Hat Drooping nine tail Valkyrie Feather Hat Rideword Hat Change: Pirate dagger requirement(check npc) Costume cheeky(check npc) POD: Headgears Silver Tiara Silver Tiara Spiked Scarf (Low) Diadem Jaguar Hat Hockey Mask Rainbow Scarf I Love CHina Scuba Shark Hat 3d Fillir Hat Fillir Ears Hairband of Reginleaf Helm of Dragon Power of Thor Air pirates bandana Dark Rangris Costume: Costume White Strong Hair Costume White Moonlight Costume Blue Brain Hat Costume Angel Marcher Hat White Cat Ears Red Goggle Costume GeminiS58 Eyes Blue Costume Crow Tengu Mask Costume Devil Whisper Screw Stuck in Head Smiling Eyes C_Devoted_Eyes C_Seagod_Protector Observer Costume Black Cat Costume White Dog Doll Costume Blessing of Angel TCG Headgears: Odin Mask Gambler Hat Crown of Laurel Vanilmirth Hat Shining Electric Bulb Antenna Mandragora Mini Propeller Costume: Blue Ribbon Poring Smoker Lamp under Happy Parrot Warg in mouth Dreheadphone black Open Air Drake Lanterm I guess that's it. Please report any error in the updates! Thanks!
  5. LibeRO Ragnarok OnlinePLAYABLE IN MOBILE ANDROID AND PCLIBERO LIKE AND SHARE FACEBOOK EVENT! link here!Here's your chance to win a costume headgear!LibeRO Like and Share to win contestWe will be giving out a item to 3 lucky winners!Mechanics:Step 1: Like this page (Libero Ragnarok Online)Step 2: Share this post (PUBLIC)Step 3: Comment in this post (original post in Libero Ragnarok Online page) with #playLibeRO, your in-game name and tag Five (5) of your friendsStep 4: Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/988471494646512/ Important reminder: No spamming!*Winners will be chosen randomly on August 23, 2020.*We will check if the steps were followed and the requirements were met.*Winners will be given a promo code.(Prizes can be claimed at the GM EVENT NPC in-game which will appear in the middle of Prontera after we have announced the winners)Good luck!BALANCED SYSTEMPre-RenewalEpisode 13.2 - Encounter with the UnknownPure 2-2 Transcendent JobsRMS Based Item / Monster RespawnLanguage: InternationalMax Levels: 99/70Max Stats: 99Max ASPD: 190Instant Cast: 150Base & Job Rates: 50x~100xGeneral Drop Rate: 25xNormal Card: 2.5%MVP Card: 0.03%Gepard Shield ProtectedSingapore Based HostingREGISTER HERE: http://libro-server.com Full Installer: https://bit.ly/2XflrSv MOBILE Download: https://bit.ly/3hS5MzZ FB Group: https://bit.ly/2wfZnfTSEE YOU THERE ADVENTURER!!
  6. have you downloaded the FULL client?
  7. Hi good day! This is weird. Just tested now with normal account everything looks fine. Do you have any other application that was open?
  8. Good day! Change Logs: Quest NPC: Added: Angeling Pin Autumn Leaves Drooping bunny Beer Tiraya Bonnet Fruit of Love Elephant Hat Cresent helm Helm of Darkness Puppy hat Kabuki Mask Mischevous fairy Romantic White Flower LRO SHOP: Zeny: Change price of Stat food to 350,000.00 Change price of Megaphone to 2,000 cooldown to 15secs POD Sunglasses Koneko Hat Crown of Deceit Blush of Groom Ramen Hat Valentine Hat Hermode Cap TCG: Anubis Helm Fish In Mount Black Musang White Musang Moonlight Flower Hat Deviling Hat Handkerchief In Mouth Hunting Coin + 5 Stat food added SLOT MACHINE NPC: Due to spam afk, I decided to have playing interaction. Need points is 15/15. Points can be earned via Hourly Time @hunting MVP Hunting Hourly Coin: Can no prolong IDLE time to 3hours No reloading of timer once log out. Once login it will still continue the time from when you logout. ROTD: Removed BOSS Enable PK on MVP maps and remove MVP TOMB. (Trial) TRIAL WOE Later NO DUAL on WOE MAP. Guild Package: +5 Tidal Shoes +5 Wool Scarf +5 Orleans Shield 2x Gloves 2x Ring 1x LRO Zerom Card 1x LRO Noxious Card 1x LRO Raydric Card 1x LRO Thara Frog Card 1x LRO Horn Card 1x LRO Evil Druid Card 1x LRO Stalactic Golem Card 10x of +10 stat food of each stats 2x Bubble Gum Box 20x Elite Siege Box 10x VIP Ticket 10x Leap of Fantasy Streamer Package: Welcome package 10x Streeamer Elite Sige Boxes 10x Streamer Blessing and Agi Boxes 10x Streamer Bubble Gums Costume Nekomimi Cyber Headphone Costume Cyan Aura Streamer Event Viewer Package: 10x Streeamer Elite Sige Boxes 10x Streamer Bubble Gums 10x Streamer Blessing and Agi Boxes 15x Event Coins Additional Views Incentives: 50+ weekly views 1CT weekly [Streamer's with below 100 subscribers only] 500 - 1k+ Weekly Views = 2$ POD 1.5k - 2k+ Weekly Views = 5$ POD 3k - 4k+ Weekly Views =10$ POD Guess that's it for the update! Thank you!
  9. Good day! We will be having server maintenance for 3-4hours! Thank you!
  10. Noted on this., Thank you!
  11. Good day! Change logs: Quest NPC: Change quest requirement of Cyclops eye from dark blinker to Hot-blooded Added Wandering Minstrel Added Wing of Victory Added Purple Cowboy Hat POD: Gigantic Magestic Goat Large Baphomet Horns Robo Eye Well-chewed Pencil TCG: Father White Moustache Model Training Event: Find the Poring Disguise Event Dice Event Find the Mushroom Card Trader: Level 20 Lowered BBG price to 25 Zeny Shop: Agi Scroll Blessing Scroll command: @mapmoblist --- to check map monster lis Two types of playing points Hourly Coin -- No idle Playing points for slot time -- Must be level 80 and above with idle please do @pt to monitor Change Normal Card drop rate from 1% to 2.5%. NOTE: MVP Cards are Disabled in WOE. That's all Thank you!
  12. Good day! Simply Download this folder and paste in you LibeRO folder. /hoai thanks!
  13. Play Time Information How does it work? Playtime counts playtime minutes in GAME. Play Time not working stuck in 1/3 but I played more than 5 hours already. Dual?: Always log in the character that you played the most as it will always trigger the time 2nd character will not be counted Once First character got IDLE please relog both character and still back to step 1. I got Idled will the minutes back to zero? No it will still continue from where you got IDLED. That's it! ~ Thanks!
  14. Captain Hat wasnot in Quest Shop NPC but was in @go 4 / Alberat. Simply @go 4 and talk to Captain Catie for the quest. } That's it. Thanks!
  15. This guide was shared by "Daniel" in our FB Group. Leveling Quests Guide: 1. Do this from Novice Level 1 so you can be Novice Level 90: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Ice_Necklace_Quest 2. Do the first part of this when you're 99/50, then rebirth. Then do the 2nd part and 3rd part. If you do this right, you are instant level 90 High Novice: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Finding_a_Fairy You're welcome.
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