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  1. T0inks

    Requesting for suggest.

    so that we can gain many player for that and mik use the forum set w/ [[active allways on forum..]]
  2. @Mikko @GM Aomine mik i lyk to suggest if can u put a cash point selling a variable stuff on it or lyk high ori & elu the mini/mvp card the point can gain on the TCG npc change to points... then add the other useable like cold midicine and food that add stats if its not there yet.. if its ok...???
  3. T0inks

    Game & Tips.

    hey gm can you give me tips. about crit card set that all normal only..?? easy to farm..thx gm.. gladly im back...done on my trip...
  4. T0inks

    hi There Liberians!

    IGN:T0inks & IGN:msn0b0dy W/ Daddy Toinks hahaha!!
  5. T0inks

    Skill Problem

    my problem is when i reset my skill still the heal are there....and when i upgrade to level 10 and click apply it can go up...it just go to level 1 nothing change and it can get reset skill still there... plss do something...i do relog-in still the same..it stock..
  6. T0inks

    After-cast delay reduction

    Sir mikko.. There's also a problem i think or it just my mouse broke...after i kill the monster. There is onething wrong.. After i kill the monster there is 2-3sec. Until it can move..also when i walking suddenly when it stop i really hate it.. It cant move i though that i was step or something a trap like a hunter trap that it can't move for just 2-3sec. When it does't move i click really hard my mouse...i hate it when it comes to that.....i was on manuk feild that time and even else on the other map also... Do something plss.. Ty..
  7. T0inks

    Drop item

    Same here...2 item also 1.is novice suit 2.i just loot on munak field on misterius stone..cant sell npc or put on storage or drop..
  8. T0inks

    Game & Tips.

    Guyz can anyone know what card best to put on my bow.. Type. Speed attck.; crit.;High dmage... I like to hunt it if is has best tips.. For normal card or mini boss card..
  9. T0inks

    hi There Liberians!

    Toinks here... IGN:kids214 (1st account)😆 Class:Hunter Age:25 D2 na ang mga Pinoy.. Last play.2003 & back 2017-18 For now looking what best server on ragnarok online... But i think im gonna stick w/ here Why..bcuz this is it. hahahah.... 😎😎 so guyz kitaketss on game. Ac.Name.: (t0inks) Soo...guyz to all pnoy here. Let me join to your guild...
  10. T0inks

    Game & Tips.

    Guys to all pinoy here.. Can anyone make some tips for newbie here...or something like leveling maps guide so that the low level know where to go.,to make fast on leveling... Thanks. More power to this server...😁😁 By IGN:kids214