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hi There Liberians!

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  • YOUR NAME Reinard Dabay 
  • IGN: Aria / Cheenee / Peaches
  • IG CLASS: *Priest / *Blacksmith / *Sniper
  • AGE? (is this really necessary? what i know is that my age is below 100)
  • WHERE YOU FROM? Philippines, province of China
  • YEARS IN PLAYING RAGNAROK [since 2003, retired at 2008] and comes back to RO on 2017
  • OTHER THINGS ABOUT YOU: I been used on playing Ragnarok, solo. Been like this since 2007 when my friends shifted from RO to that disgusting Rohan Online. A father of two, an accountant by profession, and a restaurant unit manager by vocation. I play daily, even at work {hahaha!]. So yeah, i dont know much of RO, but i just play, coz i feel like its still 2003 when I play. I've never been on a high rate server. I just dont like things being instant.
  • POST YOUR an in game screenshot 


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Hi Aria,

Welcome to Liberation Server.

Have fun playing in our server and if you have any concerns and suggestion please feel free to post your thoughts. thanks!

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Posted (edited)

Toinks here...

IGN:kids214    (1st account)😆



D2 na ang mga Pinoy..

Last play.2003 & back 2017-18

For now looking what best server on ragnarok online...

But i think im gonna stick w/ here

Why..bcuz this is it.

hahahah.... 😎😎

so guyz kitaketss on game.

Ac.Name.:  (t0inks)

Soo...guyz to all pnoy here.

Let me join to your guild...


Edited by T0inks

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