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UPDATE 05/09/2020

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Good day!

Update info:

  • Changelogs:
    • Hosting database transferred to Singapore
    • Delete libro.dat then repatch
    • for Mobile download the latest apk http://roworkshop.com/apk/AndRO261libro.apk
    • Slot Time
      • Added Event coin in failed slot.
      • Basically 1 POD success : 50% failed 3TCG else 10 Event coin
    • LRO SHOP
      • Zeny
        • Transferred some supplies from tool dealer to LRO Shop supplies
        • Change price of the ff:
          • Acid Bottle - 25,000z
          • Bottle Grenade - 25,000z
          • Poison Bottle - 55,000z
          • Speed Potion - 30,000z
          • Glistening Coat - 20,000z
          • Stat food + 10 1,000,000z wont be remove even player died
    • BG Shop
      • Increase price of BG items
      • Also Increase Prize to 50 badges Winner : 20 Badges Loser : 20 Badges Tie
      • BG Badges are now trade able
      • Also updated Some BG supplies
      • No dual in BG since badges are now trade-able
    • Devil Square Prize to 5 TCGs
      • To make more players to participate
    • POD to Zeny convertion = 10,000,000z
    • Assassin Link reduce to 80%
    • Increase exp rate to 200x/200x
    • Remove Warp in Sograts field 21 and 22
      • Added WSM invasion in morroc every 8hours
    • Added Ayuda NPC
      • 100x White Potions
      • 50x Blue Potions
      • 2x Bubble Gum everyday
    • Remove Playtime NPC
    • WOE Prize:
      • 5x Elite Siege Box
      • 10x Event Coin
      • 1x Bloody Branch
      • 1x TCG

That's it!

Will be updating more.
Thank you!

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