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Good day!

Change logs:

  • Change some MVP drop rates kindly @mi to check
  • Lowered badge requirements in UPG Items
  • Lowered BG Reward in BG


  • Quest:
    • Fox Hat
    • Love Dad Cap
    • Judge Hat
    • Karada Meguricha Hat
    • Scarf
    • Kettle Hat
    • Large Hisbiscus
    • Soldier Hat
    • Liguistic Book Hat
    • Little Angel Doll
  • POD
    • Consumables
      • +5 Stat foods
      • +7 Stat foods
    • Costume
      • Costume Thorny Hairband
      • Costume Cat Ears
      • Costume Two Tone Beret
      • Costume Monochrome Ribbon Hat
      • Costume Glasses Without Lens
      • Costume Crimson Ribbon
      • Costume Elemental Crown
    • Head Gears
      • Happy Wig
      • Wickebines Black Cat Ears
      • Koneko Hat
    • Costume Token
      • C Water Spellcaster
      • C Master of Wind
      • C Floating Ice
      • C Master of Flames
      • C Cons of Earth
  • Hunting Coins
    • C MVP
    • C Holy Marching Hat
    • C Holy Mom Love
    • C PIamette Hood
    • C Ligth Darness Crown
    • C Princess Ribbon Crown

Will be updating post time to time

Thank you!

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