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Good day!

Change logs:

  • Improve server stability upgraded some protection against DDOS
  • Devil square to start in 1 Minute with code system. And upon opening all treasure chests you will only have 1 minute to go and talk no Exit npc else you will be warp out.
  • Added preview on Costume Token Items and Hunting Coins.
  • Removed castle owners on in Active AGITs. Moving forward will be resetting castle every 2 weeks and will be removing castle owners once reset since prizes are given to castle owners. 
  • Corrected and updated some Item Descriptions.

Craft NPC:

  • Added C Devine Shield image.png.f4d6c90cd035da762d2f25a6614fb137.png
  • C Cursed Magic Book image.png.8c5b681b5290af8beeedfb36bc408f76.png
  • C Sakura Fes TW image.png.4ecff1fd5311510ca47f706ea8838410.png
  • C Bow On the Back image.png.c2a554879b5040b3d2403b2052d3c5f9.png

POD Scrolls:

  • Akatsuki Scroll
  • Sharingan Eyes

That is all for todays update, I am experiencing intermittent connection and cannot upload files completely.

Thank you!

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